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Patch notes for update 2.14

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Posted 19 October 2016 - 11:27 AM

Hi everyone!


Today we are releasing the new update 2.14. With this update we're celebrating Halloween! And this is what's new:




Each and everyone of you can take part in our new awesome Halloween event!

During this event, When you start the app, you will find a special Halloween chest in your dungeon!


In order to open the Halloween chest, you will need to have caught enough ghosts!


In case you were wondering how to catch the ghosts, we will be replacing the stars you earn from raids and the daily maze, with ghosts!

There is no limit to the number of times you can open the chest, as long as you have enough ghosts.


What rewards will you find in the Halloween chest?


When you open the Halloween chest, you will get a reward at random.

The most valuable rewards are the three new Halloween unique gems and a unique Halloween costume we call "Boo".


If you collect all three of the new Halloween gems from the Chest, you will be able to use them to create the fourth one!

This is the only way to get the 4th gem so it will be very rare!


You can only get these gems during Halloween event. "Chest" gems don't have any special abilities, the fourth one will give you orbs if you make a ritual with it. 

Halloween event ends on November 14, so hurry!  Catch the ghosts, open the Halloween Chest and get your hands on all the unique gems and "Boo" costume!





Broken totem


You know the situation when you don't have any free space in your inventory, and you finish your last ritual and break your final tooth on the totem?

The lowest value inventory gem will be sold, so in advance you had to calculate which gem will be sold, or think about selling in advance, or maybe you didn't know about it at all?

Well, it doesn't matter, because with update 2.14 you don't need to worry about it anymore. Now, if your totem is broken, it will still have one slot for your gem. So even if your inventory is full, you can carry the gem over to your next totem!




New guild recommended list


We changed "recommended guilds" list to help players find new friends in King of Thieves.

No more inactive guilds there. Find your perfect guild and lead it to victory! 


New XP mechanism


As you may know, we don't like campers much.

That is why we continue to modify levelling-up mechanism to optimize it for everyone.

From this update, each time you collect skulls, you will get some XP. The amount of XP depends on your current level. 

Also, when you finish raiding a player's dungeon, each green crystal will give you only 1 XP, but for each star earned in the raid you will get 4 exp. So the amount of final XP for beating a dungeon wasn't changed. 


Tap to break in


Now "Tap to break in" will disappear and reappear in each dungeon!

Now we can always see the gems hiding behind that text, which has been a very popular request of the community!




These are the main features which we have added with this update.

You can also check our YouTube channel to watch what's new in this update  :)

Hope you all enjoy the new update!

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