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Unfairness after level 50

gem loss inequity unfairness quitting cheating inequality level throne upgrade level 50

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#1 AyaJones



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Posted 14 July 2017 - 12:01 PM

I am sure this topic has been covered before but here goes. I recently turned level 50 and very quickly I am becoming disenfranchised with the game. I used to attack and get attacked by players my own level and since turning Level 50 that is no longer the case.


As soon as I start a ritual, my gem almost immediately gets stolen by players with levels as high as 1072 ( how is this even possible without cheating). Anyone my own level who attacks me doesn't normally fare well on my base with 1 star or less.


Since the update to the expense for throne upgrade; those of us not leveled up to Wise Seer 5 are screwed  :blink: . Upgrades are incredibly expensive and difficulty completing rituals only compounds the problem. For example, for me to upgrade from Wise Judge 3 to 4, the cost is 120000 gold, 18 purple dust, and 4 mushrooms. At this rate it will take me years to get to Max Wise Seer. 


My statement is this: With such incredible disparity between older and newer players, does Zeptolab even care if players are in for the long haul or are they content to make their money and have people bail once this inequality gets prohibitive (level 50).


PS: I have taken great care constructing my bases and this is evidenced by my success against similarly ranked players.


Please comment if you have similar problems, suggestions. If anyone at Zeptolab is listening, please respond.


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#2 Yivenz



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Posted 14 July 2017 - 01:27 PM

1. There's a thing where in at a certain level, you can raid anyone of any level and anyone can raid you (specifically if you're lv45 or lv50 then anyone = or > than your level can raid you and vice versa)

2. Has it happened every time you log out?? If no then realize that it just so happened that as soon as you logged off,you got raided.
Deal with it and move on
It happened to almost everybody

3. I agree actually but I think you're over exaggerating about the last part

#3 Skydancer


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Posted 14 July 2017 - 05:59 PM

Level 1072? I feel I may be guilty here :ph34r: .


On a serious note, the level 50+ pool is open to everyone. It's quite bad for fresh level 50 players who can get raided by everyone, but remember also that you have access to bigger rituals to raid compared to the lower levels.

The thrones unfortunately were changed in a recent update, now they are a slightly better than before but they also cost a lot more. I suggest you to use this event to rack up some purple dust, the recipe offered by Shady Joe is pretty cheap and it gives you 3 dust. And for the rest... always run rituals with crap gems to gather ingredients, and always upgrade your traps if you can.

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