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Base upgrades, defenses upgrades, throne upgrades

Base upgrade throne path

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#1 Avivpaz75



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Posted 28 August 2017 - 04:49 PM

Hey everyone, im new in this game and i have been wondering about the upgrades i should be doing.

About base upgrades, i have read that it is best to do thd merchant and then the gem defense. I have almost maxed the merchant out but everything else is very low level

About the throne, it will take ages to do all these rituals and get the materials to upgrade the throne, should i use orbs (i am free to play) for getting these materials or they have better uses? (I have already bought the 3 gem slots)

Now about defense upgrades, i dont like to upgrade them because then it is easier to raid me and i cant do rituals like this.
So when should i upgrade my defenses?

Im lvl 23 and my defenses are around lvl 8-10
Im 1.1M gems worth and my throne is wealthy duke lvl 5

Thanks in advance!

#2 Skydancer


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Posted 29 August 2017 - 09:40 AM


First of all, about base upgrades I'll let other speak... it's been quite a while since I finished the whole tree. But I'd say upgrade merchant, gem defense, skull bonus, key capacity/regeneration. Door locks and gold mine should be the last ones.


It definitely takes ages to upgrade the throne, that's why you should be always running rituals with low gems from mines, and when one is stolen just replace it right away. It will take a while but I suggest you not to care about gem score much, but focus on the key upgrades ( throne and traps). Once you get to level 51, you are thrown in the big pool of players and everyone with max throne and upgrades will be able to raid you, so you should arrive there kinda " prepared".


For traps, same story. You should always be upgrading one, and try to keep all around the same level if you can do so ( level 40 saw level 10 redguard level 10 cannon is way worse than having all around 21-22, for example). In some dungeons you can use the upgrade cloud very effectively to cover the jump points, in fact in some dungeons a cloud is much better than the original trap :lol: .


Hope this helped a bit,

feel free to pm me should you have further questions or send me a message on telegram, the community there is much larger than the forum which is quite dead unfortunately.

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#3 Jertain



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Posted 29 August 2017 - 10:55 PM

Imo, once you max out merch, do gem defense.

Then if you rely on getting gold from your dungeon, skull gold.  If you raid to get gold, key capacity and speed.  Do the other once you max one of the two out.

Meanwhile, try to get heartbeat.

The rest dont matter imo. Feel free to use that gold for traps.


Always upgrade your traps, I recently hit lvl 51+ and it's awful when someone dies ~12 times and 2 stars my base. Ik you want to do rituals, but if your traps are too low lvl then ppl will just tank a trap for an easy steal.  And if your base and traps are good enough you should still get 1 stars despite a trap upgrading, your gems should be moderately safe.


Idk about the throne, since I was able to skip most of it by getting forseer lvl 2 just before the throne update.

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