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Gems Crafting System

Crafting gems items resources

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#1 Lamanor



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Posted 14 May 2018 - 08:46 PM

Hello Everyone
This is maybe not so original idea but I think that sounds interesting.
How about a crafting system that admit the player to create a unique gem?
These unique gem can be generated maybe from a furnace merging different resources and can be sold for money or to increase the amount of the score.
Also the unique gem has special power that can be activated when putted in the totem.. For example can increase the chance of gems stealing!
Tell me about what you think


#2 mpb1807


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Posted 15 May 2018 - 12:16 PM

Nice idea. This is a rather large post, but I’d appreciate it if people would take the time to read it and provide opinions/feedback.
Skip until the ‘how it would work’ section if you’d like to jump most of the math.

—=— Math —=—
Perhaps random fixed abilities (+orbs, +gold, +gemValue%, -ritualTime, %forExtraResources)
But variable numbers based on the amount and value of ingredients put in such as:
Eyes = 20, mushrooms = 5, powder = 1.5, leaves = 1 (cap on ingredient total value is 150)
The effects could have ‘costs’ as well.
Orbs = 10, gold = 0.002, gemValue% = 10, -ritualTime = 5, %forExtraResources = 300
These are used in the equation: totalInputResourceValue / effectCost = output
The output is then formatted to be in percentages (gemValue%, -ritualTime, %forExtraResources) or static numbers (Orbs, Gold).

—=— How it would work —=—
Ingame, right at the start of a ritual that would break a totem, on either side of the start button, there would be similar buttons to the style-o-thief, but split into 2 groups of 2. It would not allow for a total resource value of more than 150. If putting that many resources in would cause the resource input value to be over 150, the up button for that resource does nothing. Then, once the amount of resources for the ritual has been selected, the user would press the start button and the ritual would proceed as normal. If the ritual gets interrupted by user interaction, resources are not refunded. But if a gem gets stolen, and the ritual is then resumed and finished, the effect will still apply.
Think of it like a gem ‘infusion’. The final ritual ‘infuses’ the output gem with magic items giving it special powers.

—=— Special powers from above listed below with descriptions. —=—

Pretty straightforward. You get orbs when the ritual is completed.

Again, very simple. Gold is awarded at end of ritual.

The gem receives a permanent and static bonus on top of other ritual bonuses.

This one lowers the ritual time by a percentage. It will appear, however, that the ritual had been going for (maybe) hours, but it had only just been started.

This allows for extra resources to be rolled. When the ritual is completed, the gem might glow more than usual. Before the normal spinner, an extra resource spinner will appear, with the same dialogue and reroll costs.

I’m relatively new to the forums, not to KoT, but helpful feedback and comments would be appreciated.

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