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Looking for new guild.

10 April 2019 - 12:38 AM

Hi. my current guild is inactive and I'd like to joing a new active guild.

A friend of mine resently started playing KOT as I'd like him to join the guild too.


My info:
Lvl 43
Gem score 3.1 Mill
Delta 310K (Increased value since last round)

Currently farming Invinsius League
Was active a few years back, but have taken a 2 year break.

Won Guild battle season 1 & 2. (Won 10 out of 10 guild battles)


My friend joined 2 weeks ago. 
He's low on Gem score, but increase his score by 50-100K every 3 days.


The guild must be atleast lvl 20 and in Mask Arena or higher.