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#118947 Thrones contest post

Posted by J13 on 11 December 2015 - 07:16 PM

They had to choose one, and the one they chose was short and sweet. They can't give prizes to everyone.

Oliver said it, he's not asking for the prize, but complaining about the statement that only 1 got it right!

Also, they said that the prize was going to be given to the most accurate and detailed answer!

#118939 Thrones contest post

Posted by J13 on 11 December 2015 - 05:57 PM

Yeah, I feel your pain! I did say that, and I read 3 or 4 other comments that got the answer right!

here's a copy of mine:

Kot ProjectThirteen From now on, the stats of your character won't be determined by the outfit, but by the thrones! Your throne will determine your health, gold steal bonus, gem steal bonus, and best gem pick chance, while your outfit will only affect your appearance! 

The first throne will give you 40 health, and it's not upgradable, so it's just like simple black (e.g. If you use a white shadow with the 1st throne, you will have 40 health only, with no other bonuses). The 2nd throne will replace the stats of Nimble Foot and will be upgradable just like it and will onlygive you health, the 3rd one will replace the stats of golden Blaze (HP and gold steal bonus) and so on... until the last throne which will be owned by one thief (the king of kings) and will have the stats of KoK outfit. Moreover, magic items will be required for crafting, and upgrading these thrones with the same prices of the outfit it's replacing. The outfits you own before the update will be replaced by the corresponding thrones with the same stats (e.g. owning a white shadow level 5 before the update will give you the 7th throne upgraded to level 5 with 300 HP, 70% gold steal bonus, 70% gem steal bonus, and 70% best gem pick chance)

#115821 Outfit customizations are coming :D

Posted by J13 on 21 November 2015 - 02:19 PM

We're gonna be capable to change the appearance of the outfit, while keeping the stats untouched! 


here's the source:


#115358 [CLOSED] Riddle Contest

Posted by J13 on 18 November 2015 - 12:49 PM

Okay guys! Change of rules!

We felt that choosing winners based on whoever is first to solve them is a little unfair. To give an equal chance to everyone, anyone who solves a riddle will now be eligible for a prize. We will take all the winners for each riddle, and (using a random number generator) pick the one to receive the prize. This may be unfortunate for some of you early birds, but it is done in the name of fairness  :)

We are also going to be shortening this contest. It will now end a few days days earlier, on Sunday the 29th of October. We will release the hint this weekend.

Thank you, and good luck!

You said it, it's a bit unfair for the early birds to change the rules now

How about increasing the number of winners per question? (like let's say 3 random winners for each question with a reward of 200 orbs) or add top 3 grand prizes for the ones who get most the answers correct?


or you can simply reward the 1st ones who answered correctly then pick another winner randomly so things will be fair to everyone

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