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2.29. Back to school! (Updated)

03 September 2018 - 08:53 PM

What's new.


Ready to go back to school? Don't worry. His Majesty prepared a new educational program for you! ;)

Jump between classrooms and steal Scrolls. Under each scroll, you will find a reward. But never forget about the Red Guard: he doesn't like those who break the rules!



UPDATE: Join the final part of the Back to School event, because His Majesty has added more unique gem types you may get during the learning process!


It means that variety of unique gems available on green levels is now wider than it was before. However the probability to get the rarest of them like Heart, Leprechaun and Snowman is considerably higher on later stages. Still we recommend to balance risk vs reward ratio carefully.



2.28 is here! Watch your step!

06 August 2018 - 01:02 PM

It's said that the King is traveling with his the most precious gems. Why? Who knows... But we'll keep you posted via in-game news!

Cannon is twice as useful now because we’ve added four diagonal directions for it!

This saw will do everything to cut you in half as soon as you step on it! Watch out!

Now you can test dungeons with the same rules like attacking a dungeon for real. Try it!

Good luck



2.27 is here! Meet the Living Totem!

04 July 2018 - 12:02 PM

A new event, a new world, and more bug fixes. It’s all here, in this new update!


The living totem, the last of its kind, is now waiting for you in your dungeon. From time to time, it wakes up and can send you to other worlds! Raid dungeons, collect runes, and get a unique costume and other rewards!

We’ve also fixed a bunch of bugs to make your gaming experience even better.


King of Thieves 2.26 is on!

04 July 2018 - 12:00 PM

Meet Warder! This is a new trap tested by the community and available for everyone in Random Traps.



Update 2.25 official announcements

04 July 2018 - 11:53 AM

Here's a long summary of things to come with 2.25:

Save dungeons with 1 try!


Time. Time is the most precious resource, because you can't steal it away and keep for yourself. You can only lose it.

Starting from day one after the global launch we have been receiving requests, demands and pleas from thieves to make the dungeon defense saving process easier. We always thought that saving twice in a row protects everyone from ultra-hardcore trap designs. And to some degree it really does.

At some point we understood that it doesn't prevent our experiencedplayers from making insanely hard bases. They rock anyway! So what's the point? Of course, we can't just discard this old-school feature, beloved by many veterans. But we can make something else, and it will save a lot of time for stealing and fun at the cost of saving possible bases you can actually beat.

In update 2.25 we will add a new Spell that creates a probability to save a dungeon defense with a single successful try. His Majesty cares.


Guild officer role


Next 2.25 update will be mostly focused on tweaking guilds. A lot of new things to come including new guild leveling system, guild shop, new... oh wait. It's too early to tell you everything that early. We will spill more light on all these later, not today.

Nevertheless, there is a thing that we'd like to share with you right now. In 2.25 guilds will get a new officer role. Technically it's like a guild vice-leader. This officer will be able to accept new members and kick them from guild (except for guild leader) and he will get a leadership in case of leader's inactivity. Officers will greatly improve ability of leaders to keep the power.

Ah, and thanks to Dictators guild for this picture.


New guild leveling system


Current guild leveling system will change in 2.25. First of all, there will be 40 levels to achieve and they will no longer be connected to medals. Guild advancing will depend on resource donations made by its members. Each level may require different type and amount of materials, some will add more, some will add less experience. An advanced guild provides larger bonuses, its guild store that is called Armory proposes more goods.

When a guild gets to level 40, it may be upgraded even further. There are 5 extra special levels that open even more interesting bonuses. However these levels have a constant burn rate that terminates experience got from donations. In other words, if guild members don’t contribute enough in order to compensate the burn rate, their guild will get back to level 40 over time. Every next bonus level is harder to achieve.

‘What can we get from Armory?’ you may ask. It’s a good question. Do you want to guess a bit? Feel free to comment, we will tell you more really soon.


Easter Event


Of course, it would be a crime not to have an Easter event! For your convenience, it will not be much different from the last year's one: collect golden eggs during attacks, fill in the progress bar and receive some awesome loot + egg pieces to fill Great Eggs and get even cooler stuff!

However, there are some changes that you should know about:

- Two Great Eggs contain two new permanent spells - the first one you already know about (a chance to save a dungeon in one try) and the second one is the Lucky Thief spell that grants you a chance to get an additional reward from a chest after an attack; - The third Great Egg gives you a gem whose rating increases each time you fill this egg; - In addition, your reward from the progress bar can be doubled if you choose to boost it instead of grabbing all of it at once.


Guild member cap could be increased to 30!


We told you recently that new guild leveling system in 2.25 will include 45 levels (including 5 bonus levels). You may ask what's the profit of improving the guild so hard except for making Armory better? Here's one more reason: guild experience levels will extend member capacity. High level guilds may increase it up to 30 members. 5 extra pro thieves in your team could be really beneficial.




We’ve decided to spice things up a little bit and add the Guild Store aka Armory and a special currency aka Honor that you can only get through guild battles and arenas.

Since the only way you can obtain Honor is through the guild activities, it is connected to a specific guild and vanishes in case a player leaves it and/or joins another one. Armory lots include various kinds of resources, potions, gems, and magic items – the list may be expanded in the future. There will be no orbs handed out after guild battles but the prices in Armory will be in Honor anyway. Some lots are limited, and some will only appear in Armory when a player or a guild reaches a certain level.


It is important to stay within your guild and be an active member in order to be able to claim cool lots in Armory!