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trading resources

19 April 2017 - 12:14 AM

basically, i started having a strange issue with my new account. i rarely get the green leaf and purple dust but i have 10 mushrooms and 3 eyes. i know some people might disagree but i REALLY need those basic materials. plus the egghunt which gave me 5 easter eggs and i had to seal two just to create space. now i have to either sacrifice gem space or sacrifice throne upgrades. if the orb values of the magical items are kept, i'd appreciate it if we could trade an item for another. cuz, the hell am i going to do with 10 mushrooms while i'm only level 15?? i don't like using these resources for costumes unless i have an abundance of them but i wouldn't use the abundance of rarer materials for costumes. if the game could allow me to trade 5 of these mushrooms for basic materials it'll be a lifesaver. what do u guys think? of course, exchanging common ones for expensive ones shouldn't be allowed since zeptolab wants its money but exchanging expensive ones for cheap ones should be fine, right?

inactive totems "fake rituals" with more variety

17 March 2017 - 11:36 AM

so i know that the bases with no rituals get a "fake" one which gives out 3 of gems around 1-2.9k, right? why don't we base what kind of gem shows up depending on the level?

1-7 gets the first rank

8-15 gets the second

16-20 gets the third

21-35 gets the fourth (3k-5k gems) and all the above

36-40 gets the fourth (6k-9.9k gems) and all the above

41-50 gets the fifth (10k-15k) and all the above

51+ gets the fifth (16k-25k) and all the above


so it would be randomized with the higher the gem rank the less of a chance we'd find it. for example a level 51 would have a bigger chance of finding a third ranked gem than a fifth. but there would be a variety like finding a rank one gem, a rank five and a rank two in one totem "fake" ritual. this would be less boring than finding an always rank 3 gems and would make players skip more carefully.

suggestion edits to help guildmates create a better base

16 March 2017 - 04:50 PM

been thinking about this for a while. why is this not a feature?


player 1 wants suggestions for his base

player 2 creates a setup for player 1's base

player 1 opens up a tab similar to chat and missions and looks at the suggestion


to prevent abuse, a player can only suggest a setup once between each change. and the player has to clear the dungeon at least once for the setup to be seen by the other player.


whenever i want to give advice to a guildmate i hate having to say something like "move the seeker two boxes down then one box left" especially with the sideways keyboard. we can still share images of bases with our guildmates outside the game anyways so why not?

people level 51+ should not be in the same league as me

10 March 2017 - 07:57 PM

currently in the league that i'm in, there are 4 people including me that have not passed level 30.






the problem with this, a level 51+ person has a wayyy higher chance of finding golden gems  and definitely way higher chance of finding spiked and deep spiked gems.

it is very difficult for someone in my level to find something at least 10k for me.


my suggestion is, to separate people below level 51 and people above level 51. then at the last league we are merged again.

either that or we're entering based on our rank.


honestly, never since i started playing that i've gained more than 150k and that was because i got so lucky that i stole two deep spiked gems.


i know the game should be difficult but difficulty is impossible when it comes to me, who can rarely find a spiked gem, against a person who will have an easier time finding higher ranked gems.


here's another idea.. but this is a really bad one in my opinion. and it is that the people who enter the gods league are also entering the high level pool. this will cause a problem unless the player already has the upgrades they need.. so maybe getting an option to do it?

let us watch ads to get orbs.

03 March 2017 - 09:40 AM

if i'm going after a gem, and i needed 1 more orb for a respin, i want to be able to watch an ad to get THAT ONE ORB i need. please. this game is eating at my sanity because of situations like this:





situations like this are so painful. no one can look at images like this and not be pained.