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#195151 Rework the way gems are stolen, Potion tweaks, removal, and additions

Posted by Mr_Miyagi0484 on 20 July 2018 - 03:09 AM

This would make it very difficult to protect your gems. The spinner makes it more fair because it gives the player whose dungeon is being attacked a chance to keep their gem, even with a 3 star raid. Additionally, Zepto won’t go for that because then you are removing the element of spending orbs from the process of stealing. Why would u need an orb potion if u never need orbs to steal with? Plus, why would a one star raid guarantee a steal? This seems awfully ridiculous. U claim that orb spending would go up as people would orb their trap levels. Well what happens when they max the trap out? They would stop spending orbs. U are essentially removing the profitability of the game for Zepto. I just can’t see this ever happening, as it removes the basic elements that make the game what it currently is and (probably more importantly from the creator’s viewpoint) the economic viability of the game.

#194709 Player rating

Posted by Mr_Miyagi0484 on 21 June 2018 - 03:53 AM

No, that is actually how much u have changed your delta. This means it is the value by which u have raised your overall rating (i.e. your total gem value including your collection/treasure hall savings and the value of the gems in your chest/treasury) in the current guild battle (i.e. the 72-hours in which you have time to raise your rating during the battle). The total amount of gems stolen during a guild battle is your guild battle score. This will include gems that automatically sell because they’re too small to add to the chest (i.e. your chest contains gems already bigger than the one you stole). Thus the value that u are wondering about is the total amount you have raised your delta/rating in the current guild battle. This value is what the game bases your rank in any league upon. I hope this was helpful and feel free to ask more questions if u still don’t completely understand. Thanks and take care.

#194552 Lessen the competition

Posted by Mr_Miyagi0484 on 31 May 2018 - 02:29 AM

Sounds terrible. How much fun is a game without the competition? Can u even play a game without competing, even if it’s against yourself (e.g. solitaire)? Besides, what would be rewarding to u about getting things easily? This would make u stop playing the game, as it would be boring after a very short period of play. Moreover, Zepto wants to keep u playing as much as possible, so they have an incentive to keep it competitive.

#194523 Daily reward

Posted by Mr_Miyagi0484 on 27 May 2018 - 07:54 PM

I am in total agreement. Please add a timer to the daily reward and place a play timer in the game so players know how much time they have until the game automatically boots them off.

#194211 Egg hunt ended?

Posted by Mr_Miyagi0484 on 26 April 2018 - 03:17 AM

There is a timer in the event window that tells u exactly how long is left in the event. Just watch this next time. I claimed around 30 at the last minute and know i would have been very upset if i hadnt... I wish i could add a screenshot to show u, but it is much too late now...