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Players Gems in Revenge mode and Inspect dungeon mode are different.

18 December 2018 - 09:52 PM

Look at screenshots.
There are cool gems when I tap "Inspect dungeon":
But if I want revenge I see shitty gems instead... and less gold:
So, looks like the game fool me.
What if I steal some gem, but it will low cost catch for me and real more costly gem will be lost for that player?  Or just I'm a dubious man.
Ok I tested it!
So bad, I had to spend 5+10+20+40+80=155 orbs to get a gem and prove my theory. But ok, just look at screenshots.
It's my catch:
Yey! ... -_-
And it's "Inspect dungeon" screen after my attack:
Still same cool gems. And more gold than before.
WTF? :(
I want explanation and real gem from inspect screen. Or back my 155 orbs... T_T