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Addition of Guild Description!

08 April 2019 - 02:41 AM

A very simple yet very helpful change. Please add the ability to add a description to your guilds! Also increasing the character amount when typing in guild chat would be nice too.  ;)

Unofficial King of Thieves Discord Server! [JOIN TODAY]

08 April 2019 - 12:56 AM

Hello everyone!  :lol: 

First things first, this idea is completely inspired by Cloudy who made a previous discussion where he made a Discord server. Unfortunately, the link to his was no longer available and doesn't seem that he is active enough to recreate it. Because of this, I took the opportunity to flesh out my own for the forum community to use instead. 


Now, why do we need a Discord server if we already have a forum's page? Well, the Discord server would be centered around normal discussion and "hanging out" if you will, while the forums are more of a place for people to bring up idea's, or thoughts they have about the game for everyone to charm in on over a period of time (Usually a few days). Only takes a few seconds to join and I premade the roles for the ranks on the Forums. Any Watchers or Elder's who wish to join can do so and I will give them their role in the Discord so they can moderate, or do whatever this wish to do there as well as here.


I put in all the features I believe will be needed to make it fully functional except a music bot which I could add later if people request it.  :D 


So... what are you waiting for!
Join here: https://discord.gg/RXU45d B) 

Regainable outfits

07 April 2019 - 07:53 PM

Some outfits are locked behind specific events that only would've occurred once or on days that if you were inactive on, you missed out on that outfit. I know there are going to some collectors that want to unlock all the outfits but if they were late to the KoT party then oh well. I'm not saying outfits like the "Ancient Mocker" should be reobtainable but outfits like the Boo or something that's based off a reoccurring event should. If that event does happen again and the outfit is obtainable then the description of it should be changed because it says only people who played on Halloween in 2016 would've been able to achieve it. 

A better connection with guild members

07 April 2019 - 06:37 PM

What I believe would be really cool is when you are changing up your base and testing out defenses, when one of your guild members raids you, you should be able to watch them in some kind of live action view so you can see how you defense works against others people who may take going around your defenses easier. I mean, I know when you change it someone from your guild can raid you but you don't get much of a response of how they did or how good your defense actually is unless they send you a message which doesn't usually help that much since they have to describe what they did in pretty minute details.


The same way Clash of Clans allows you to watch players fight you while you are still online, it would be an amazing addition if you could do that in King of Thieves. Of course, this doesn't need to be forced on the player and when someone tests out your defense you can get a small notification towards the top of your screen if you just sitting in the base home screen to avoid any interruptions or annoyances. I think it would be a cool addition!  :D

More rewards for skillful players.

07 April 2019 - 06:14 PM

This is just my short list of simple ideas that would improve the length of possible gameplay based on the skill level of players by giving more opportunity for keys or for a higher/guaranteed chance of getting gems. 


Of course, the spinning wheel at the end of every raid throws in an RNG chance of getting the gem you want on top of the game choosing which gem you are going to get. I have no problem with this, although it's annoying, I understand why it is the way it is and I can deal with it. However, for players who can flawlessly defeat a base should get, in my opinion, the following benefits:


  • During recoveries of gems, if the player can take revenge on the player and complete the base flawlessly, should get a 100% chance of getting their gem back or a significantly higher chance considering recovering a gem already boasts a smaller chance than normal in getting the gem back. To help balance this feature out, only the player who had the gem stolen would be able to flawless the revenge raid and get an increased chance of getting the gem back since, after all, doing a recovery flawlessly as of now is completely pointless to my knowledge.


  • For flawlessly completing a campaign mission, the gold amount should be doubled along with all of the player's keys being restored (Only the keys used on the lock for that particular mission) since the reward for doing the campaign missions are not too great. Before you had to complete campaign missions to unlock the next dungeon which I liked, not sure why that mechanic was removed but never the less, the only reason I do them now is to unlock the daily gem mines which are just another source of coins. 


  • The only way I can see improving how it works in multiplayer battles without it being OP would be to have a slightly increased chance of stealing their gem. Maybe 15% or so. You could also incorporate some kind of upgrade for this as well but stacking it could prove to be too powerful. 

What I would really love to see though is an unpurchasable skin for players who have either completed a certain number of bases flawlessly or who have had a certain streak of flawless base competitions.